About us


To create the best platform for businesses to recruit talent in real time and for individuals a simple way to find opportunities, at scale.

our values


To be genuine and true to our cause.


To thrive in a meaningful and balanced environment.


To do what you love.


To take risks and embrace every moment of it.


To connect people with the best opportunities to foster greatness.


To be there for all those we love.


Everyone deserves the opportunity to be our best selves.


We are stronger together!


My journey started when I was trying to find a speech therapist for my mother after she suffered a stroke. Although I had a few names to start, I did not know their experience, background, or availability. So I started researching about them and also tried to find more professionals. However, it was quit challenging to visit various websites, make phone calls, leave messages and follow up with them individually to select the right fit. I also reached out for help to a close friend who is an administrator at a local senior retirement community and nursing care center and was astonished to learn that businesses in healthcare have a similar challenge — except magnified many times! The extent of inefficiencies was eye opening. Clearly this was a problem where I could apply my background in computer science and mathematics.  With this, I got started to build blinkpad.  

Priti Dugar

Founder & CEO


This is an entirely new award winning platform for professional and personal growth. People can build a profile to highlight their skills and diverse talents and find opportunities to match these skills and talents with businesses. This is a tool for EVERYONE not just professionals in high-end careers. It is a very interesting concept and a helpful tool for job search for entry or mid-level careers or talent development.


Connie Webb

Thank you so much for introducing me to blinkpad, a platform I cannot stop telling my coworkers about! I am so excited about the work you are doing and eager to see you grow and serve job seekers in real-time with ease and flexibility.


Blinkpad offers businesses a new way of finding talent by making the recruiting experience more personal than any other platform. Creating a business profile was easy and fun! My favorite thing about Blinkpad is that it provides the applicant the ability to build their profile to include not only their work experience, but also their life experience. The employer gets a sense of the whole person, not just their credentials and work history.

Somer Aitchison