Message from blinkpad about COVID-19

We are following the news closely to keep track of the most recent updates. We are your allies in this fight.

First, we want to be where the medical establishment looks to find new employees. The demand for health professionals is rising while many are being sent home due to COVID-19.  At blinkpad you can find the health professionals you need to fill the gaps in care. We want to make it easy for you to find full time or temporary/flex workers to try to mitigate some of the pain that is coming due to the outbreak. Please send us your resume’s, CV’s, open positions, or sign up for a profile.

We have found some additional resources for the community:


Map of US coronavirus cases from Johns Hopkins

Epidemiological data for the SF Bay Area

County of Santa Clara Emergency Operations Center

CDC COVID-19 symptom tracker bot, and information about testing in communities

California department of health COVID-19 information

What you need to know about coronavirus antibody testing in California

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