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As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a doctor. Three decades later I still enjoy what I do and have not ever regretted my decision to pursue medicine. It gives a unique opportunity to make a small difference in someone’s life on a daily basis. Being an anesthesiologist I have been with people who don’t know me but trust me to take care of them during their most vulnerable and scary moments. It is a tremendous responsibility and when the patient does well during and after surgery it is a very gratifying experience. Medicine has taught me not only  the frailty of human life but also the resilience of the human spirit.

It is what makes me come to work everyday and go home with a smile.

Healthcare  delivery in this country is very costly and fragmented. Though it is a lofty goal, I would like to see the cost of health care substantially decreased and its delivery systems more efficient so that we can deliver healthcare to people who need it the most.

Swati M


As a physical therapist working for the past 25+ years I find myself in a unique position to care for my patients and make a difference in their lives. The reason that keeps me going is the opportunity to connect with the pains and struggles of my patients and an ability to assist them in overcoming their challenges. Along with overseeing Topaz Healthcare Services, I would love to share my knowledge and expertise with the larger community. We offer specialized in home care programs to meet the unique healthcare needs of our community.

Shilpa P

I always had a passion for sports including other physical activities like dancing, running and hiking since I was a child. I intuitively knew meditation & listening to good music are the greatest stress busters and combination of the two have long lasting positive effects on overall well being. People do not realize, but there is more to fitness than well-toned muscles. Daily mind + body workout regimens would keep you not only healthy but happy and positive to take on any life challenge. My passion for fitness has led me to dancing as it is a perfect combination of physical movements to upbeat music and to stay focused and worry free at the same time. People can choose any form of movement for exercise, but ultimately need to remember that our bodies are made to move to feel good.

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